Allanson International ACLW-RGB3-120

  • Allanson International ACLW-RGB3-120

  • RGB3 120 Bundle Pack; includes 120 RGB3 modules, 2 multi-tap power supplies, 1 pre-programmed controller and 1 signal amplifier

  • MPN: ACLW-RGB3-120 RSPN: 149537
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Item      :      RGB3 120 Bundle
Type      :      Non-Addressable

The Allanson RGB bundle is designed to make it simple and convenient for the sign company, as a new user of RGB type signage. The bundles are packaged for small type applications where the total module count does not exceed 160 modules. For applications above 160 modules, this would be considered a project that may require special programming. Please contact Reece for large orders.

Everything required, is in one box to complete the job.

The RGB3 120 bundle includes:

120 each of the RGB3 LED modules, 2.5 modules per foot = 48 feet total

1 each of the WIFI-103 controller with 32 preset programs

1 each of the ACL-3063-3A signal amplifier

2 each of the CV125-120-277 power supply; 12vdc, 60 watt, multi-tap primary


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