Sheffield Plastics Makrolon SL Reel White 64"x150

Color      :      White
Size      :      64 Inch
Thickness      :      0.150 Inch

Prolonged exposure to the sun can weather even the most durable of surfaces. In the past, acrylic was often chosen for plastic glazing applications because of its inherent resistance to yellowing over time. But compared to polycarbonate, the relative brittleness of acrylic made its impact strength insufficient for demanding, vandal resistant applications. To meet this need, Sheffield Plastics developed Makrolon® SL polycarbonate sheet. It offers the best of both worlds - the impact protection of Makrolon® polycarbonate sheet and the UV resistance of acrylic. Utilizing advanced formulations combined with state-of-the-art extrusion technology, Sheffield Plastics has created a tough, consistent quality product that will exhibit superior performance for years to come.

  • High impact resistance, abrasion and UV protective surfaces, compliance with flammability ratings of major building codes and high light transmittance characterize MAKROLON® polycarbonate sheet
  • Many times stronger than acrylic
  • More strength - less weight
  • Retains impact strength in low temperatures
  • Easily fabricated
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Standard/Approvals: ASTM D792, D570, D1003, D542, D1925, D1044, D648, D648m, D696, D638, D695, D790, D256, D3029, D635, D635, D1929, CC-1* Rating in Construction Applications (BOCA, ICBO,SBCCI and Dade County), UL 94, UL 972, Approved for CPSC (16CFR 1201) Categories I and II, Meets ANSI Z 97.1 1984 Safety Glazing Standards

Applications: For Skylights, Barrel Vaults, Covered Walkways General Glazing


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