Lord Adhesives 3003492 #201 Adhesive Pail

  • Lord Adhesives 3003492 #201 Adhesive Pail

  • 201 Acrylic Adhesive; 5 Gallon Pail

  • MPN: 3003492 #201 Adhesive Pail RSPN: 42694
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Type      :      2-Part Acrylic Adhesive
Size      :      Pail
Color      :      Off-White

Lord® 201 acrylic adhesive when cured with Lord® Accelerator 4, 17 or 19 creates an adhesive system that will bond a wide variety of prepared or unprepared metals and plastics. Lord® 201 acrylic adhesive in combination with the recommended accelerator replaces welding, brazing, riveting and other mechanical fastening methods. Lord® 201 acrylic adhesive can be cured with either Lord® Accelerator 4, Lord® Accelerator 17 or Lord® Accelerator 19. Lord® Accelerator 4 is a no-mix accelerator applied to the substrate before the acrylic adhesive. Lord® Accelerators 17 and 19 must be mixed into the acrylic adhesive prior to application. Lord® Accelerator 19 is available in off-white or black.

  • Versatile - bonds a wide variety of substrates such as metals, ceramics and plastics; insensitive to minor deviations from correct mix ratio
  • Bonds unprepared metals - requires little or no substrate preparation
  • Self-leveling - flows into hard-to-reach places and is excellent for bonding irregular shapes
  • Environmentally resistant - resists dilute acids, alkalis, solvents, greases, oils and moisture; provides excellent resistance to UV exposure and weathering
  • Temperature resistant
  • 5 - 8 min at 75 deg F working time


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