Lawson 700-143-1

Size      :      47 Inch x 63 Inch
Type      :      Mustange
Electrical Rating      :      1-Phase, 120 Volt, 20 Amp

The Mustang flat-bed screen printing press offers a cost-effective solution for every screen printer, large or small, low or high-volume. The Lawson Mustang is a clam-shell press that combines sophistication, control, consistency and reliability in one space-saving package. It’s easy to set up, operate and maintain and prints on paper, vinyl, Mylar, foils, plastics, metal, glass, wood, transfers...just about anything flat with pinpoint (+/-.001 Inch) accuracy. All Lawson Mustang printing presses are shipped fully assembled, ready to print and no special training is required. All adjustments are fast and easy, without tools.

  • Direct dial squeegee/flood bar pressure controls
  • Side screen loading
  • Dual-crank arms
  • Low-profile, wide rail design
  • Quick-adjust angle controls
  • On-contact ability
  • Masterframe/universal screen holder
  • Micro-registration with X, Y, Z movement
  • Adjustable height
  • Etched micro-registration locator grid
  • Variable flood, print and lift speeds, all DC motor controlled
  • Single cycle, jog and dwell mode settings
  • Foot pedal, electric print counter, sliding frame clamps
  • Plated carriage assembly, adjustable print stroke
  • Channel-balanced vacuum with adjustable timing
  • Slanted control box, etched control panel, off-contact control
  • No tool adjustments, swivel/anti-rock leveling pads, wrap safety bar
  • Safety reset system
  • Stationary motor and reducer (excludes mustang 14)
  • 35 Inch minimum frame size (OD stroke)


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